Revealing Memory Foam Mattress Findings

You will no doubt have heard that visco elastic foam is a revolutionary sleeping technology that relieves pressure points and helps you sleep better at night. We didn't realize at first how tricky it is to choose good memory foam mattresses or how difficult it is to find accurate information that:

Despite claims from manufacturers, visco foam mattresses and toppers are not for everyone. Did you know that some people will never benefit from their unique features? The foam used may not be the genuine stuff but some people also find their body is just not compatible with memory foam. How do you know if you are one of those people?

That and other revealing findings included in this guide empower you to make a purchase that you won't live to regret. Buy yourself the bed, topper or pillow that you love but only after becoming an educated shopper.

Comparison Tool

Wouldn't you want to easily compare mattresses to find the one that could, potentially, provide you with the best sleep ever. I've spent tens of hours of research on various types of mattresses. The result? The only interactive mattress comparison tool on the Internet which allows you to compare different types of mattresses, toppers and pillows, uses various comparison criteria, has three simple steps, and best of all, is completely free.

Visco Memory Foam Mattress Firmness

We've also written the most comprehensive report on memory foam mattress firmness to date. It includes no-nonsense explanations, recommendations, ratings chart and more and is the essential for every shopper looking at memory mattresses.

NOTE: There are some retailers and manufacturers selling memory foam mattresses in the UK but I've found that few offer clear product details on their websites (density, firmness, temperature-sensitivity, etc). This means that you have to contact them directly and ask for as many details as you can before making a purchase. The replies you receive from them are a good way to measure how knowledgeable they are about the memory foam mattress types they carry and how much you can rely on their recommendations.

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