Pros And Cons Of Visco Elastic Foam And Waterbed Mattresses Compared

Many of those who have owned a waterbed mattress for years are now thinking of replacing it with a more modern bed. One popular choice is a visco elastic foam mattress. How does it compare against waterbeds in terms of advantages and disadvantages?

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Benefits Comparison

Advantages of Visco Elastic Foam Mattress Technology

Advantages of Waterbed Mattresses

Drawbacks Comparison

Drawbacks of Viscoelastic Mattresses

Drawbacks of Water Mattress Beds

Customer Opinions

I've had a waterbed since 1976 and wouldn't consider anything else. I have arthritis besides FM and the warmth really helps both. When I sleep on a regular bed I notice more stiffness that I normally have.
I had a waterbed in the early to mid-80's, after hearing that they might be good for my back and legs (pain and spasticity). As it turns out, a waterbed was the worst thing for me. I have a pronounced curve (scoliosis), which is related to cerebral palsy and abnormal posturing. That space in my back essentially had no place to rest, and I always woke up stiff and sore.
I have chronic low back pain that is muscular. I moved and tried a waterbed which just KILLED my back, as does any soft mattress I have tried at friends.
Because the mattress squishes down around you in a very nesty way, it was very difficult for me to get out of the "hole" - to turn over, I had to get fully awake and work quite hard (and painfully, I might add!) to get out of my little spot.
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Real NASA Link

Many manufacturers claim visco memory foam was first used by the NASA Space Program to boost sales for their foam pillows.

NASA never did use that basic material in the 1960s. NASA mattresses or space mattresses simply do not exist as such.

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