How To Use An Existing Base With Your Tempur Foam Bed

According to the maker of Tempur beds, the best foundations for memory beds are:

Firm, wood, completely flat, non-spring foundations ... Unless you currently have a firm, wood, completely flat, non-spring foundation, you should not use your existing foundation with a Tempur bed.

In fact, Tempur-Pedic and other memory foam bed manufacturers insist that failure to use recommended bed foundations will void the warranty. They don't want to take the chance that you're going to be unhappy with your new Tempurpedic bed because your old box springs was not in the best of shape. Returning a mattress at the end of the home trial period is just as much of a hassle for them as it is for you. You've then got two options.

You can buy a memory bed and foundation set. This is usually recommended because most manufacturers design the foundation to work together with your mattress.

Because Tempur-Pedic bed foundations are more expensive than most, you can buy a foundation from a cheaper retailer as long as it complies with the recommended Tempur bed base guidelines.

If your box spring is less than 5-8 years old, it may still be fairly flat and suitable for use with a memory foam bed. Older box springs, however, may show sagging should be replaced.

If buying a foundation for your new Tempurpedic bed is not an option, you might still be able to use your old box-spring foundation. Before we tell you how to do that, remember that you may be voiding your warranty so use the following advice at your own risk.

Foundations used with memory foam beds must be completely flat. However even your box-spring may be, you should still place a large piece of plywood between the bed and the box. Visco-elastic foam will now work as supposed to and the longevity of your Tempur bed is also prolonged.

Tempur Memory Beds With No Foundation

Another option would be not using a foundation at all. This means that your Tempur bed will be placed directly on the frame or on the floor. So how should bed frames be like?

Memory foam beds and mattresses must be placed on even surfaces at all times which is why slate and grid bed frames as well as waterbed frames are not recommended.

Bottom line, your Tempur bed is only as good as your foundation. Not only that, but using the wrong foundation can void the warranty on your newly bought Swedish bed.

If unable to buy a new foundation for your memory foam bed, consider placing it directly on the floor or make sure your old foundation is completely flat by placing a large piece of plywood between it and the bed. You can try this as a temporary solution during your home trial period to ensure the bed works as supposed to.

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Known Brands

What is the secret behind Tempur-Pedic mattress technology and why is it in the top 5 most popular brands alongside the likes of Sensus, Isotonic, Bergad and Sealy? The answer is that it uses good quality, high density, heat responsive foam.

How Long Does It Last?

What affects the expected lifetime of memory toppers and does a Tempur mattress overlay last longer? The answer is years and years as long as it's made of better quality, higher-density foam.

Real NASA Link

Many manufacturers claim Swedish foam was first used by the NASA Space Program to boost sales for their memoryfoam beds.

NASA never did use that basic material in the 1960s. NASA bedding or space bedding technology simply does not exist as such.

The truth is the Swedish Tempurpedic company did eventually come up with a reliable formula now used in the best-selling Tempur mattress.

While Tempur-Pedic beds are commonly known to use Swedish bed technology, not all such products made in Sweden are made of the so-called NASA bed foam.

Authenticity Test

How can you check if your purchase as good as a genuine Tempurpedic mattress? You can try the wine glass test, the egg test, or the fridge test.

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