The Secret of Memory Foam

We've all seen the advert for memory foam mattresses. We've also seen the price tag. What makes them so comfortable that some people will go as far as collecting viscoelastic foam samples in order to build their very own bed? And is the premium mattress price justified?

Density, firmness and heat responsiveness are what make a memory foam mattress supportive and comfortable. Each foam has a unique recipe that gives it its own feel, longevity and performance. So what is the recipe of Tempurpedic visco foam mattresses?

Being one of the best known brands on the market, there is a wealth of information on Tempurpedic mattress technology. Reading about it gives you invaluable tips for choosing a memory mattress, be it the leading brand or not. For example:

The Top Factor In Memory Foam Mattress Success

Memory foam density ranges from 2.5lb to 5.9lb. (density is measured in pounds per cubic foot). Tempurpedic foam used in memory mattresses is 5.34 lb which means that a cube of Tempur material, one foot in each direction, weighs a whopping 5.34lb. But how does this relate to comfort and support?

Generally speaking, mattresses made of the higher density foam are much better quality and perform better over their expected lifetime. Here's why.

High Density Foam Has More Body And Longer Memory

In high density foam there are billions of small, open cells (bubbles with holes in them), tightly packed together. When you lie down on a high density foam mattress, air flows slowly between the bubbles giving it time to gently cradle the natural hollows of your body, distribute your weight and relieve pressure.

Over the past few years manufacturers in the US and the UK (see Ergoflex's memory foam mattress selection) have came up with good quality memory foam products so there's a wider choice on the market than just one brand.

How firmness of a memory foam topper changes at body temperature

The ability to change firmness actually improves the support and comfort. The firmness and density of the cooler foam deeper in the bed holds you up. But increased support also comes from the foam's heat responsiveness. The visco elastic foam bed or topper softens at body temperature and makes up to 30% more body contact, thus improving weight distribution over a wider area.

Generally speaking

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Authenticity Test

How can you check if your purchase as good as a genuine Tempur bed? You can try the wine glass test, the egg test, or the fridge test.

Top Memory Foam Complaint

The most commonly reported problem consumers have with memory foam toppers is that they sleep hotter when compared to conventional sleeping surfaces.

But sleeping conditions are influenced by environment temperature, the material's heat sensitivity and your own body heat.

4 lb vs 4.5 lb

Which to choose from a 4lb memoryfoam pad versus 4.5lb Tempur-Pedic mattress pad comparison? Higher density alone does not make a quality sleeping surface. The formula behind the best sleeping surface uses best quality, high-density foam that responds to body temperature.

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