Fibromyalgia Pain Relief And Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are some of the most comfortable mattresses on the market - for some, but not all people. Visco memory foam cannot cure conditions like fibromyalgia, but it could offer some pain relief a few nights a week. Here's how.

Memory Foam vs Other Mattresses

With other mattresses, compressed air or springs within the mattress respond to your body weight by pushing back against you. The skin and blood vessels are caught in the middle, squeezed between the gravity force of your own body and the upwards force of the mattress.

This causes pressure points, which constricts circulation at the area of contact. For fibromyalgia sufferers who have so many tender points (shoulder, hip, back and so on), these pressure points are a source of constant pain and consequently, of poor sleep.

How Soft Are Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses only have visco foam at the top, where the mattress comes in direct contact with your body. Visco foam is considered to be one of the softest foams on the market which explains why many fibro sufferers have found pain relief on it. Foam however, is firmer than other sleep surfaces like feather mattresses, for example.

Manufacturers also make different types of memory foam mattresses. Some are harder, for people preferring firmer sleeping surfaces but many models are especially designed for people who prefer or need a soft sleeping surface.

However, the pain tolerance varies from sufferer to sufferer which is why a memory foam mattress will only provide pain relief for some people. Memory foam softens at body temperature but only through sleeping on the mattress will you be able to tell if it's soft enough to provide you with pain relief, at least some of the time.

The bottom line is this: many doctors and patients say that a memory foam mattress, pillow or pad may help you ease the pain caused by fibromyalgia. It is a major investment (around $2,000), but if you consider its lifespan of over 10 years, a simple math operation will show you that this mattress will cost you around 50 cents per night. You may find it's well worth the money if you find it comforting and pain relieving at least in some of those nights.

Before deciding on this type of pillow, know that there is only one proven benefit of memory foam. Whether it's enough to ensure a comfortable sleep, only you can tell.

People Opinions

Since being diagnosed with Fibro, I've gone through a number of docs and a number of different prescriptions for pain (...) and have hurt *way* too badly to do any significant exercise beyond stretching. I generally slept no more than 2 hours at a time, and you could cut my Fibrofog with a knife. The single most significant help - I've had it for a month now - is a visco-elastic foam mattress. I was waking up every 2 hours because whatever part of my body was in contact with the bed was sending pain messages to my brain. With the new mattress, that doesn't happen, and I sleep - hold onto your hats - through the night, pretty much. My pain has decreased to the point where I actually *want* to move about and exercise; the Fibrofog is gone; and my energy level is something approaching normal. I actually worked an entire 40-hour week last week.
I wished to heck I had the money to buy a memory foam mattress! I sleep so well on the pillows, and believe it or not, they really DO minimize me waking up with the neck pain and headaches! They put absolutely NO pressure whatsoever on my head, neck or shoulders and that is why I would NEVER go back to anything else!
I have fibromyalgia and have found that the Tempurpedic mattress is the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever slept on. In addition to fibromyalgia, I have a rod in my spine. I wish I could get my money back. I have had to resort to sleeping on the recliner in the den.
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Known Brands

What is the secret behind Tempurpedic mattress technology and why is it in the top 5 most popular brands alongside the likes of Sensus, Isotonic, Bergad and Sealy? The answer is that it uses good quality, high density, heat responsive foam.

Top Memory Foam Complaint

The most commonly reported problem consumers have with memory foam mattresses is that they sleep hotter when compared to conventional sleeping surfaces.

But sleeping conditions are influenced by environment temperature, the material's heat sensitivity and your own body heat.

2 lb vs 5.5 lb

Which to choose from a 2lb foam overlays versus 5.5lb Tempur-Pedic overlay comparison? Higher density alone does not make a quality sleeping surface. The formula behind the best sleeping surface uses best quality, high-density foam that responds to body temperature.

Authenticity Test

How can you check if your purchase as good as a genuine Tempur bed? You can try the wine glass test, the egg test, or the fridge test.

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