Fibromyalgia Syndrome Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is well known for its complexity. Those who have it suffer from disturbed, non-restorative sleep, as well as widespread muscle pain, stiffness and chronic fatigue. So clearly, a good mattress topper is important. So how can memory foam mattresses help?

Chronic Fibromyalgia

A person suffering from fibromyalgia cannot wear jewelry because their skin hurts too much. The weight of a bed sheet is too much pressure for their aching muscles, and caresses from loved ones are a source of excruciating pain.

According to the American College of Rheumatology, 6 million Americans may be suffering from this life disturbing long-term syndrome - a set of symptoms that appear together but don't have an identified cause. Fibromyalgia ('fibra' = fiber, 'myo' = muscle, 'algos' = pain) usually occurs in women aged 25 to 50, but men, children and elderly people are not immune to it either.

Fibro Symptoms

The predominant symptom is major and constant pain in the muscles and soft tissues. People suffering from fibromyalgia usually manage symptoms through pain medication and exercise, but the syndrome has no cure. Fibro does not, however, damage the muscles, joints, or internal organs.

For years, doctors believed this illness existed only in their patients' heads, since there was no physical evidence of injury. But the increasing number of people complaining of these symptoms persuaded researchers and institutions to start taking it seriously.

Even though lots of fibromyalgia studies have been conducted over the last decades, specialists have yet to discover its cause. Doctors opinions are divided as to what causes fibromyalgia:

Fibromyalgia symptoms tend to come and go and some people find that they get worse in cold and damp weather, during times of stress, or when they engage in too much physical activity. The main acknowledged symptoms of fibromyalgia are:

Quite confusing and common symptoms, as you can see. How can a doctor recognize a fibromyalgia sufferer? Well, that is quite a difficult job, because there is no specific tests or medical examination for this syndrome.

But if other illnesses have been ruled out through specific tests and the constant pain has been constant for at least 3 months on 11 or more tender points all over the body, than the diagnostic is fibromyalgia.

After talking about symptoms and diagnosis, it's time for the treatment chapter. Unfortunately, fibromyalgia has no cure just yet. Of course, there are several methods for fighting its symptoms:

Whether sleep disturbance is a cause for fibromyalgia or not, the truth is that a good night's sleep can fight symptoms of many ailments, including this chronic pain syndrome. A comforting mattress will help you sleep better, with fewer interruptions and pressure points.

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